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The leaked sex tape featuring Idris Elba and two other men has appeared online – along with claims the actor has been targeted by hackers over a lengthy period.

The video and intimate photographs showed Mr. Elba, in a variety of states of undress, and emerged on Thursday just days after he signed on to star in the 25th Bond film.

A source told The Sun on Thursday: ‘The tape is a decade old, just a few months before Idris was Oscar nominated for Beasts of No Nation.

Idris Elba Nude Photos


“There are a few semi-naked pictures but it’s not what you’d expect.”

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  • Under the alias Big Driis he was working as a DJ at various nightclubs.
  • His big screen debut in the French movie Belle maman in 1999.
  • His first marriage to Kim Elba from 1998 to 2003 was followed by a four month marriage to Sonya Hamlin in 2006. He has two children in two distinct ties. In February 2018, he modeled Sabrina Dhowre and in April 2019 they got married in Morocco.
  • He is best known for playing the drug lord Stringer Bell in the BBC Luther HBO’s The Wire and Detective John Luther. His appearance in the 2015 movie Beasts of No Nation has received critical acclaim.

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Back in May, US blogger website Gossip Cop, who broke the news of Elba’s upcoming role in the Bond film, said a leaked video had never been released to the public.

‘Elba has not and has never been a sextape star. We looked at what we can see so far. We can confirm that it does exist,’ the report said.

Just days ago, Mr Elba’s longtime girlfriend, Naiyana Garth teased him about filming new Bond movie.

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